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Soy Protein in Veggie Burgers

There are many different types of soy-based items that contain protein including tofu, soymilk and edamame but there’s also other items that are packed with soy protein. Soy protein can also be found in protein bars, snacks, and veggie burgers. Veggie Burgers are a great plant-based alternative to meat-based burgers because they are not only delicious and nutritious, but also full of protein.

Keep reading to learn more about how Franklin Farms Veggie Burgers are a great source of delicious soy protein!


Franklin Farms Veggie Burgers are not only made with a variety of vegetables, but also include high quality non-GMO soy protein. In fact, all of Franklin Farms products are Non-GMO which means that our products are made without GMOs (genetically modified organisms). A GMO is an organism, such as a plant, whose genetic structure has been changed in a laboratory using genetic modification. (Non GMO Project, n.d.). With each bite of a Franklin Farms Veggie Burger, you are treating yourself to a healthy meal consisting of high quality protein, low fat and no cholesterol. The non-GMO soy protein incorporated in our veggie burgers contain all of the essential amino acids which benefit a healthy lifestyle, offering improved muscle and strength, stronger immune system and weight loss support (Amino Acid Studies, n.d.)

Soy Protein has many great benefits to take advantage of, especially the protein! We all know that getting a good source of protein is important for both men and women. The Nutrition Source published by Harvard states that “the recommended daily allowance of protein is 46 grams per day for women over 19 years of age, and 56 grams per day for men over 19 years of age.” (The Nutrition Source, n.d.). Since protein is needed daily, it’s important that the foods that you’re eating contain high quality protein and taste great too. Textured Soy Protein is at least 50% protein (Soy Association of North America, n.d.). Once soy protein is incorporated into Franklin Farms Veggie Burgers, the veggie burgers contain a total of 12-14 grams of protein per serving (Original Veggie Burger: 12 grams, Portabella and Chili-Bean Veggie Burger: 14 grams). When you incorporate a Franklin Farms Veggie Burger into a meal, you’re reaching 24% to 28% of your daily value of protein.* Talk about a protein packed patty!

Not all plant proteins are the same. Some plant proteins have high protein and some don’t have much protein. Some plant proteins are easily digestible and some aren’t. Soy protein holds a score of 0.96 out of 1.0 for the Protein Digestibility Amino Score (PDCAAS) making soy protein the best choice when choosing a plant based protein. Since soy protein scores high on the PDCAAS, soy protein is on par with eggs and dairy as a quality source of digestible protein (The Good Calorie, 2012).

Soy protein is pretty great, isn’t it? Full of health benefits for both you and your family. Next time you find yourself looking for a different dinner option, head over to the refrigerated produce section and pick up a package of Franklin Farms non-GMO ‘soy protein’ packed Veggie Burgers.

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*Franklin Farms Original Veggie Burger contains 24% of the recommended daily value of protein. Franklin Farms Portabella and Chili-Bean Veggie Burgers contain 28% of the recommended daily value of protein.


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