Keystone Natural Holdings

who we are

Authentic ingredients are in the making.

Keystone Natural Holdings manages various manufacturers that produce healthy, vegan and vegetarian products including tofu, meatless burgers, veggie mix, soy drinks, and other soy-based and plant-based items. Keystone Natural Holdings strives to innovate and produce authentic, great tasting and healthy products for a broad and diverse consumer base.

Clean ingredients are something many plant-based protein products have in common. But what companies do with those ingredients also matters. Instead of frying them or putting them through elaborate processing, we keep them clean. We bake our veggie patties. We let the natural flavors of ginger or chilis or soy shine through. We are also conscious about how the products we make affect the earth.

Our people.

Keystone Natural Holdings is not just composed of brands or products. Keystone Natural Holdings is rooted in its people, people who strive to make a difference each day. With our team's care, dedication, teamwork and relentless pursuit of improvement, Keystone Natural Holdings is shaping today for tomorrow.