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Franklin Farms Baked Veggie Burgers

We believe that when you bite into a veggie burger, it should be bursting with flavor, making you savor every last bite. Our veggie burgers are low in fat, gluten free, cholesterol free and packed with a high source of protein making Franklin Farms Veggie Burgers a great and healthy option for lunch and dinner.

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We start by creating a delicious product that can stand alone as a veggie burger or re-created into a one-of-a-kind recipe. Veggie Burger Potstickers? Yes, please! Franklin Farms offers you a variety of flavor options including Original, Portabella and Chili Bean. Each veggie burger has their own unique flavor baked-in and waiting to be enjoyed by you.

At Franklin Farms, we not only make Veggie Burgers that are packed with veggies (that you can actually see), but we make veggie burgers that are baked, not fried. Many of the veggie burgers found in the market place today are fried which adds more fat to the veggie burger. Because we bake our veggie burgers instead of frying, Franklin Farms Veggie Burgers have up to 92% less fat than the leading competitor.* Less fat means a healthier veggie burger which makes living a healthy lifestyle a little easier. Franklin Farms Original, Portabella and Chili Bean Veggie Burgers are full of flavor, easy to prepare and perfect for the whole family. Franklin Farms Original Veggie Burger has a distinct roasted vegetable taste that pairs perfectly on a bun as a classic ‘burger’ and our Portabella Veggie Burger is great for mushroom lovers! Franklin Farms Chili Bean burger offers just right amount of heat making it a go-to taco filling. Whether our veggie burgers are on a bun, in a salad or used as a taco filling, they are sure to be bursting with flavor!

From Veggie Burgers to poppers and edamame, Franklin Farms is here to help you live a healthy, happy and flavorful life. Visit our Instagram @FranklinFarmsFoods for more recipe ideas and share your favorite Franklin Farms recipes by using #FranklinFarmsFoods on Instagram.


*Franklin Farms Original Veggie Burger contains 2g total fat per 71g serving, Portabella Veggie Burger contains 1.5g total fat per 71g serving and our Chili Bean Veggie Burger contains 0.5g total fat per 71g serving compared to the leading competitor of original veggie patties, which has 6g of total fat per 71g serving.


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